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Does Print Have a Branding Problem?

In a 2022 in review article, industry observer and crusader Deborah Corn makes two bold statements we wanted to highlight in this post:

  1. “We have a tremendous workforce development problem, that is swiftly moving toward a crisis.”
  2. “Since I don’t have a vested interest to attract people to a specific program, print organization, or company, I can see the bigger picture. In this case, PRINT has a serious branding issue.”

Corn makes several suggestions in her article about what print providers should do in 2023 to help bolster the Print’s brand. We suggest readers of this blog read her article and share with her and the Joss Group their reactions. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Joss Group says, “PRINT is vital!” Deborah Corn says, “Print has a serious branding issue.” Both statements are true, but there is more to the story. It is time for more than a few serious discussions. Let us get started!

Ricoh USA Launches ACE: Advanced School-to-Career Education Program

On August 24, Ricoh USA announced a promising new educational program, and we wanted to share some of the news here along with some links to obtain further information.

ACE is a school-to-career program, which Ricoh says is appropriate for K-12 but also continuing education and adults searching for new careers (so we are thinking a good fit for high schools and community colleges). The company’s objective with the program is to help people learn skills they can put to use in the growing commercial print and sign and graphics industry, a laudable goal.

In addition to the curriculum the company provides, Ricoh says it will also offer job search guidance and help with placement for course graduates.

Currently, there is not much information on the company’s Web site about how people can qualify or train as instructors. It does say this, “ACE instructors will have the opportunity to become Certified Sign and Graphic Production Specialists. They will also have access to Webinars, hands-on experience, and mentorship to help them lead their students.”

Ricoh USA has signed up the Bibb School District in Macon, Georgia as its first program participant.

To learn more about Ricoh USA’s ACE program, please visit https://takealookatricohproduction.com/services/training-and-design.

To go directly to the online, please visit: https://takealookatricohproduction.com/services/brochures/advanced-career-education.pdf.

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