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Founded in the 1970s by John Seybold, the Seybold Report is a newsletter with a long history and a strong tradition of serving its readers by delivering detailed and objective information and reviews of graphic arts technology, as well as informed and intelligent commentary about such technology. In June 2010, the Joss Group, a publishing and consulting company located in Pennsylvania, acquired the newsletter from Beard Group, a publisher headquartered near Washington DC. Seybold Report subscribers are graphic arts professionals and executives around the world. In addition, analysts, researchers, professors, students, and others subscribe. If your job concerns tracking, researching, purchasing, or studying technology used in the graphic arts, you will profit from a subscription to the Seybold Report! The Seybold Report is a paid newsletter published by the Joss Group twice a month (during the second and fourth weeks of each month). Subscribers receive an e-mail with a download link to access the PDF of the issue. The cost of a 24-issue, 12-month subscription is $499 US$. This is an individual subscription, so please do not share the issue with others. No refunds will be made after the first two issues of a subscription have been served. We also have enterprise license subscriptions, please contact us for details and pricing. In addition, we accept subscriptions from subscription agencies from around the world including all the major companies. If your company uses a subscription agency, you may place your subscription order through the agency.

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