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Launched in May 2012, the Digital Publishing Report is a monthly newsletter published by the Joss Group. The Digital Publishing Report is for publishing and corporate executives who want to read and learn about topics, tools, techniques, and strategies for and everywhere publishing anywhere that is not just on paper. Such activities go by many names these days: multi-channel publishing, apps publishing, mobile publishing, and so forth. However, what all these venues for content delivery have in common is two things: the work is publishing and the venue is digital. Thus, the name and the scope of the Digital Publishing Report. We talk about the technology, techniques, strategies, and plans publishers are using to develop their digital publishing efforts. We cover e-books, apps, mobile, and more--not just the how, but also the why. When we talk about publishing, by the way, we mean more than books, magazines, and newspapers. We also mean catalogs, corporate publishing, and even publishing for education and training. Each issue contains two or three in-depth feature articles and several news stories. We also publish reviews of tools used in the creation of multi-channel publishing projects such as Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, page turning software, and e-book authoring tools. The Digital Publishing Report is one of several newsletters published by the Joss Group, a woman-owned and operated publishing and consultancy company. The Joss Group also publishes the Seybold Report and the Graphic Arts Industry News Digest, among other titles.

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