Envision : Create : Publish : Produce
We Publish 
The Joss Group owns, creates, and publishes newsletters for graphic arts professionals including:
  • the Seybold Report,
  • the Digital Publishing Report, and
  • the Graphic Arts Industry News Digest.
We Craft Unique Experiences
There are so many conferences and training events for the graphic arts industry. And, for the most part, all these opportunities are great. We create unique experiences with our conferences and training events. We want to encourage, bolster, challenge, and inform our attendees.
We Consult, So Let's Talk
Running a business is tough. We know, from decades of experience, how difficult it can be, and we know how to make the process simpler and easier. We know managing people, especially creative people, is tough, too.
Talk to us about how we can help you make your career, company, or industry organization better.
Molly Joss, Founder and Owner
Molly Joss founded the Joss Group in 1994 to offer writing, editing, consulting, and training services to the graphic arts industry and small businesses. The Joss Group is a woman-owned, woman-run business.
Questions? Want to Get in Touch?
Please send us an e-mail: or call: (484) 206-4233.