The Seybold Report 

Founded in the 1970s by John Seybold, the Seybold Report (ISSN: 1533-9211is a newsletter with a long history and a strong tradition of serving its readers by delivering detailed and objective information and reviews of graphic arts technology, as well as informed and intelligent commentary about such technology. In June 2010, the Joss Group, a publishing and consulting company located in Pennsylvania, acquired the newsletter.

Seybold Report subscribers are graphic arts professionals and executives around the world. In addition, analysts, researchers, professors, students, and others subscribe. If your job concerns tracking, researching, purchasing, or studying technology used in the graphic arts, you will profit from a subscription to the Seybold Report!

The Seybold Report is a paid newsletter published twice a month (during the second and fourth weeks of each month). Subscribers receive an e-mail with a download link to access the PDF of each issue. 

The cost of a 24-issue, 12-month subscription is $599 US$. To subscribe to this newsletter online, please click here (opens a window to another Web site, international credit cards welcome). We also accept EFT, company checks, and other types of payment. Please contact us for more information on these.

This is an individual subscription, so please do not share the issue with others. No refunds will be made after the first two issues of a subscription have been served. We also have team/group and enterprise licenses available; please contact us for details on these options.

Please be aware there is an online scam Web site pretending to be the Seybold Report. They have even stolen our ISSN and are using the title The Seybold Report Journal. We have more details about this crime on the home page. This is not our company. This is not our newsletter. It is an outrageous scam. Do not give them money, and please pass the word along.

The Digital Publishing Report 

Launched in May 2012, the Digital Publishing Report(ISSN: 2169-1150) is a quarterly newsletter and is for publishing and corporate executives who want to read and learn about topics, tools, techniques, and strategies for and everywhere publishing anywhere that is not just on paper.

Such activities go by many names these days: multi-channel publishing, apps publishing, mobile publishing, and so forth. However, what all these venues for content delivery have in common is two things: the work is publishing, and the venue is digital. Thus, the name and the scope of the Digital Publishing Report.

In this newsletter we talk about the technology, techniques, strategies, and plans publishers are using to develop their digital publishing efforts. We cover e-books, apps, mobile, and more–not just the how, but also the why. When we talk about publishing, by the way, we mean more than books, magazines, and newspapers. We also mean catalogs, corporate publishing, and even publishing for education and training. 

The cost of a four-issue, 12-month subscription is $399 US$. To subscribe online using a credit card, click here (opens a window to another Web site, international credit cards welcome). We also accept EFT, company checks, and other types of payment. We also offer team and corporate subscription licenses. Please contact us for more information. 

The Graphic Arts Industry News Digest

The Graphic Arts Industry News Digest (ISSN: 2156-6585) is published monthly and is designed to be a quick and easy onscreen read. It contains selected news briefs and short news items published in the Seybold Report and Digital Publishing Report issues during the preceding month. It is the perfect and inexpensive way to keep up on all the important industry news. There is also a free version (which contains much less content, but is still useful, available via Substack. You can also sign up for the paid version on Substack. Click here to access the newsletter on Substack.