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It is always nice to make new friends, so we have created a community gathering place here. Community members can access content such as our blog, an event calendar, and more.

We promise we will not send you spam or rent or sell your information. We value your privacy as much as you do!

Joining our community is easy! Graphic arts professionals and students studying the graphic arts age 18 and older are eligible. You must enter a business or education email address in order to be approved. Applications with personal email addresses will be rejected. 


Signing up is easy! After you sign up and your membership is approved you will start to hear from us periodically (no spam, not every day or even every week) with news updates and information on events, special content, etc.  

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Sending Press Materials to the Joss Group

The Joss Group welcomes news releases about companies around the world involved in creating, using, or selling graphic arts-related products or services. 

We also welcome information about promotions, new hires, and other corporate news such as acquisitions and mergers. And, we welcome news about books related to the topics we cover in our newsletters.

We like to hear about news not ready for publication yet, and we are very good at keeping secrets until it is time to let everyone in on the news!

While we cannot guarantee the publication of a news brief for each press release we receive, we promise to read each one in our ongoing efforts to keep our readers up-to-date. To submit a press release or other news, please use the contact information below. Please contact us for a mailing address to mail press kits or other materials.

This Web Site is a Fraud! This is a Scam!

It has come to our attention there is a Web site pretending to be the Seybold Report! The criminals behind it have stolen our ISSN and are charging money to publish submissions to the fake online journal. Please do not be fooled. This is not us! We have contacted them via the contact email to demand they stop, but they have not replied, nor do we expect. Be warned! Do not give them money! Spread the word!

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